About Us

Who are we?

ExperTechno, specialists in creating appliances since 1986. We draw on our long experience and expertise to offer you services and solutions tailored to your needs.

Our mission

By combining our partners' software with our team's hardware expertise, we build your solution together.
Our goal is to support you at every stage of your projects, from design to manufacturing, to provide you with the best possible solution, based on a foundation of listening, trust and responsiveness.

The solutions we offer

ExperTechno is with you every step of the way, developing hardware to match your software, as well as taking over the industrialization of your existing projects.

We also offer value-added logistics services, including IT equipment staging and after-sale service (D+1).

Equipped with an in-house design office, manufacturing workshop, and service and repair facilities, we have the capability to produce the hardware equipment that complements your solutions. Our expertise spans areas such as electronics (PC architecture, microcontrollers, etc.) and mechanics (chassis, enclosures, kiosks, totems, etc.). Additionally, we provide personalized product and IT services, from product design to the implementation of customized tools for handling your project’s service and logistics needs.

Our added value

By choosing ExperTechno, you can take advantage of our design and prototyping services through our design office, integration, and service and repair through our manufacturing workshop, up to OS installation to deliver finished products to you or your customers. We also offer after-sales services (returns, shipments, and repairs) management with high-value-added services, including after-sales service processing (D+1).

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