ExperTechno offers its clients tailored packaging solutions :

- Cardboard: double, triple corrugation;

- Cushioning foam: preformed, shock-resistant.

A ExperTechno, we use recyclable materials in compliance with current legislation.

We are capable of designing custom, specific packaging solutions.

Software deployment

We can develop and start producing images based on most existing operating system, including:

- Linux (all distributions), FreeBSD...

- Android

- Microsoft® Windows Environments: Windows 7 to 10 Windows Embedded Standard 7 ou 8, Windows 10 IoT, Windows Server 2008 or 2012

Other services include :

- Serialization, configuration

- Automated testing, test reports

- The appliance is then delivered ready for use


Drawing on our integration experience, we leverage our tracking tools, including ticket generation, express exchange processing, stock monitoring and transportation tracking.

To achieve this, we establish specifications to align with client preferences and procedures, enabling us to make proposals with a commtment to continuous improvement.

We also contribute to waste sorting, respecting the environment.

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