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ExperTechno offers you a complete range of appliances particularly suited for your needs of players and broadcasting servers. From a very compact "fanless" model to platforms managing multiple screens, you will find the model that meets the desired performance. ExperTechno offers its expertise in the creation of custom interactive totems and kiosks.


Product specifications:
- Intel Celeron J1900 processor (4 cores, 2.42 GHz)
- Integrated HD Graphics controller (compatible with DirectX 11)
- VGA and HDMI video output (with HD 2.1 audio)
- Analog audio input/output
- 2 GB DDR3 memory (1066 MHz)
- 250 GB SATA 2.5" hard drive
- Gigabit network interface
- External 50W power supply
- Front panel with "power" button, 2 indicators

The BOX-J19 is equipped with the latest generation Celeron J1900 ("Bay Trail") processor. Its integrated "HD Graphics" controller provides excellent performance, effortlessly streaming Full-HD videos and animations. The complete absence of a fan ensures exceptional reliability and total discretion for this product. This player offers both HDMI and VGA outputs, making it easily adaptable to various market screens. With a height of only 29mm, the BOX-J19 is particularly compact and will easily integrate into your installations.

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