Dynamic display & video

ExperTechno offers you a complete range of appliances particularly suited for your needs of players and broadcasting servers. From a very compact "fanless" model to platforms managing multiple screens, you will find the model that meets the desired performance. ExperTechno offers its expertise in the creation of custom interactive totems and kiosks.


Product specifications:
- Integrated graphics controller (HD Graphics, Elkhart Lake) DirectX 12
- 2 HDMI and DP video outputs
- Analog audio input/output
- 4 GB memory (up to 32 GB) DDR4 3200 MHz
- SATA 2.5" hard drive, M.2 SSD
- Two Gigabit network interfaces
- External 50W power supply

The BOX-J64 features an Elkhart Lake generation processor, the Celeron J6412, offering excellent graphics performance with low power consumption. The box is capable of streaming 4K content using the high-performance AV1 codec. Its low power consumption enables completely fanless operation.

The box's sturdy case is made of robust steel. The already compact size of this case can be further reduced with the use of a miniature SSD. Installation will be even simpler and more discreet.

The appliance is fully customizable (color, lexan front/back panel...) and benefits from ExperTechno's value-added services.

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