Our story


The group now has 75 employees and has achieved a turnover of 100 million euros. All these events make us a key player in the cybersecurity market.

In addition to our regional offices in Lyon and Toulouse, 2022 marks the opening of an agency in Nantes, in order to always be closer to our partners.


In November 2021, Exer made the decision to join the Kappa Data Group, a value-added distributor and a leader in the Benelux region. It became evident from the initial discussions that both companies share the same DNA. Both distributors have strong technical profiles, where expertise and service play a significant role. Both prioritize strong relationships with their resellers.

The collaboration of the teams creates synergies that benefit all our partners and allows the group to establish a unique position in the pan-European cybersecurity market.

Michel Grunspan becomes one of the three managing partners of the group, alongside Patrick Casteels and Chris Willems.


The expansion continued in 2018 with the opening of the Toulouse branch.

The turnover reached 25 million euros in the year 2020.


The signing of Extreme Networks, which further enhances the current catalog alongside partners such as Stormshield, WithSecure, and Ucopia.

The company expands with the opening of the Lyon branch, and the turnover reaches 18 million euros.


The company leaves Villeneuve d’Ascq and establishes itself at Euratechnologies in Lomme. It becomes the first private company to do so.

The turnover reaches 12 million euros.

In 2015, Exer Datacom becomes Exer, and the logo is modified.


The Exer adventure began in 1986 with the creation of Exer Datacom and Exer Videocom.

In 1998, Exer’s R&D became Netasq following a fundraising. Exer Datacom became a cybersecurity VAD (Value-Added Distributor) in France and the primary distributor for Netasq.

Michel Grunspan acquired Exer in 2007 and took over its leadership.