Our values

Proximity and responsiveness

At Exer we understand our customers’ needs and we respond by being hyper-reactive.

Our sales staff are on the spot to understand our customers’ needs and translate them into the best possible solutions.

Exer is a company on a human scale, and our teams uphold strong values of proximity, responsiveness and support for our partners.


We are and we do what our customers and suppliers do not do.

Alice Antunes, Sales Director: “We are an extension of our customers and suppliers in decentralised offices”.

Exer’s consultants provide you with the right solutions and a high level of expertise across the whole technology chain, which is vital at every stage of your mobility and WiFi networking projects: pre-sales, training, technical support, etc.

Long-term partnership

We invest to win, together with our customers and suppliers. From transparency on quotations and stock levels, to technical resources, to taking proper account of technical issues and escalating them to the right level when they occur.

Our aim is to show our partners that they are important to us.