Your network is only good if you’re not aware that the switches are present

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These days, switching is a fundamental component of corporate networks, so switches have to facilitate good performance and a high degree of scalability, and support a wide range of features for core-to-edge connectivity.

With edge or access switching, you have to take into particular account the devices, such as PCs or peripherals (phones, printers, access points, etc.), that will be connected to your switch. Usually, it comes down to providing a fast PoE switch with sufficient ports and a fast uplink.

With core switching, on the other hand, the number of ports is not the most important aspect, but the speed at which the connections are made, both to each other and to the various edge switches. Currently, a 40 gigabit connection is commonly used, but 100 gigabit connections are also possible.

If, as a network administrator, you choose the right equipment for LAN switching, you can drastically reduce the complexity of your network and lower your cost of ownership

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