Stormshield Network Security: Stormshield achieves Common Criteria EAL4+ certification

Stormshield announces the Common Criteria (CC) EAL 4+ certification for its range of securing IT infrastructures, Stormshield Network Security.

This dual endorsement of trust granted by ANSSI marks a new milestone in the certification and qualification processes for its solutions.

Following an enhancement of security requirements and the functional scope covered by certifications and qualifications granted by ANSSI, all firewall functionalities (filtering, attack detection, bandwidth and security policy management, audit, accountability, and strong authentication of administrators), VPN (IPSec and IPSec DR), and administration have been audited and analyzed for the awarding of this CC EAL4+ certification.

Stormshield, a trusted European player

Stormshield thus reaffirms its position as a trusted European player in the UTM/Next-Gen Firewall, IPsec VPN, and SD-WAN markets, with a certified version that is part of the LTSB 4.3 branch, ensuring long-term support crucial for critical and sensitive infrastructures.

To achieve this, significant efforts have been made by Stormshield to meet the new hardening requirements set by ANSSI. The certification process also heavily engaged the teams for several months, involving in-depth code audits and penetration testing.

Beyond certification, these efforts align with the level of excellence and transparency that Stormshield aims to provide to its clients across its entire range. Moreover, with the recently obtained CSPN certification for its EDR offering, Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution, and the EAL3+ certification for its orchestration tool, all components of Stormshield’s XDR offering are certified, providing the editor with a unique position in the market and a guarantee of optimal security.

"Our teams continually raise the level of our solutions to proactively meet the increasing evaluation requirements. These certifications enable us to offer and promote recognized, tested European solutions that benefit from a sovereign and independent institutional guarantee for our national and international clients. They can be confident in using trustworthy, high-performance, robust products that respect the integrity of their data. It is a source of pride for Stormshield and our employees to contribute to a French and European ecosystem that provides the global market with a comprehensive range of cybersecurity solutions at the expected functional and quality levels."

Pierre-Yves Hentzen, President of Stormshield

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