Cambium Networks


Cambium Networks offers unified wireless and wired solutions to provide network access in businesses, public facilities and industries, both indoors and outdoors.




Radio bridges

Centralised management (On-premises or cloud)


Superior performance

  • High density, long range
  • Optimised applications

Easy to use

  • Automation
  • Cloud or on-premises management included


  • Less equipment
  • Lower total cost of ownership

ONE Network

  • WiFi, switching, security
  • Unified management

Who is Cambium Networks?

Founded in 2011, Cambium Networks is now the leader in high density WiFi, with a broad portfolio of wireless solutions and more than 10,800 resellers across 150 countries.

Cambium Networks is committed to developing and deploying wireless solutions that deliver exceptional, unparalleled user experience. Their market-leading hardware, software and management interfaces are constantly evolving and redefining industry and customer expectations.

Cambium Networks offers “ONE Network”, a unified cloud or VM based unified network (WiFi, switching, security, unified management)

The benefits:

Superior performance

  • High density, long range
  • Optimised applications
  • ePSK for improved security

Easy to use

  • Automation
  • Cloud or on-premises management


  • Less equipment required (for high density)
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Management solution included (CnMaestro Essentials)

Cambium Networks Solutions

WiFi 6 finally accessible to all!

XE5-8: designed for high density.

Fewer APs, less cable, less maintenance = lower total cost of ownership

XV2-22H: The terminal that plugs into a wall socket, ideal for hotels and student residences!

CnWave radio bridges: An alternative to fibre!

CnWave 60Ghz bridges offer an alternative for building and warehouse interconnections!

There are many savings to be made:

✓ No costly works
✓ Quick to install
✓ No planning paperwork or permits required
✓ Allows you to connect through the air, so you can bypass obstacles
✓ Connections possible up to 2.3km
✓ Speeds up to 1.8Gb/s

CnMaestro, a captive portal, centralised and unified management

MultiTenant MSP Portal (CnMaestro X)

  • Several levels of managememt
  • Multiple users
  • Multiple sites

Leader in high density WiFi – wireless solutions – unified management – ONE Network



Cloud/on-premises management

Radio bridges