Exer OTP


EXER has developed a strong authentication solution using OTP for its resellers and integrators.


OTP, a one time password system


Easy to use

Strong authentication solution

Who is Exer OTP?

We encounter passwords everywhere in our professional and personal lives, enabling us to prove our identity and gain access to private areas (e-mail, file sharing, VPN, remote office, etc.)

Unfortunately, that password often turns out to be the Achilles heel of our information systems: too easy to share and not complex enough, it is now the cause of frequent hacking attacks and other data thefts (ransomware).

That’s why EXER has developed a strong OTP (one time password) authentication solution for its resellers and integrators. The principle is a simple one: when users connect to their VPN or SSL portal, they authenticate themselves using a unique password (generated by their smartphone or an application), which can only be used for a limited time

What’s new in version 3.0

  • Display time of last connection for each user
  • New ‘Operator’ role with restricted rights (read-only)
  • E-mail content and QR Code retrieval page can be customised
  • Button for replacing the licence and automatic quota replication at enterprise level
  • Application of the latest Debian LTS patches

What are the benefits of Exer OTP?

To suit way most of our partners are organised, we have developed 3 OTP offers:

  • Cloud: the end customer accesses our shared platform and has a dedicated space to create users and firewalls.
  • On Premises: the server (VM) is installed on the customer’s premises, so that it is as close as possible to the customer’s firewalls and directories.
  • MSSP: The server (VM) is installed at the reseller’s location so that it can be shared between several of its end customers